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Professional Service Engineer (Senior Level)


- Plan, install and update Splunk software, Splunk cluster setup, on-board data, create dashboard/report.

- Identify and resolve issues related to the activation and implementation of the software.

- Provide implementation scheduling, resolutions to technical issues and general advice as technical consultant.

- Learn, implement and teach best practices for implementation and configuration of company products.

- Develop software, tests, and tools to ease integration in the professional service field.

- Develop software design and architecture documentation.



- Bachelor's degree or higher in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related field.

- Strong Linux/Windows Administrator, Script programing, Strong in network and security knowledge

- Presentation and Consulting skill is a plus.

- Outstanding communication skills with a technical and non-technical audience.

- English language: Business level.

- Be enthusiastic and able to work under pressure.

Please contact : K.Paranya Imurai (Pang)     

Email :

Tel. +66 (0) 95 963 1250

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